Step into change

A one to one process offers a safe space where you can privately address personal or professional issues, and receive unconditional support.

You might want to re-awaken your creativity and joie de vivre, you might find yourself in a dead end situation or a crisis and need support to break through or just to get through.

You might want to uncover dimly perceived obstacles such as fears, doubts or repetitive patterns that have prevented you from shining brightly.

Combining mindfulness, artistic expression and gestalt tools I will help you activate your creative potentials for adaptation, resilience, coherence, growth and transformation.

One to one sessions are either in my studio space in Ibiza or via skype.

My approach is process oriented, the number of sessions depends on the issues you wish to address.

Before starting a process I offer a half hour session for free in my studio or on skype to get to know each other and discuss your objectives.


1h30 session in studio 70 euros including art materials.

1h session skype 60 euros with creative home work and follow up.

Roseline's art studio is a 70 m2 luminous space with high ceilings, and an outdoor country area. It has been the cradle of many artistic projects and vibrates with creative energy.

The studio is a few minutes drive from the town of Santa Eulalia in the north east cost of the island of Ibiza.


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