DREAMSCAPES - Analogue series

“Dreams call from the imagination to the imagination and can be answered only by the imagination.” James Hillman 

Hypnagogia is the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep in which a random breaking down of our reality manifests into speckles, lines, patterns, forms and figurative contents. Images are usually fleeting and given to very rapid change until a gradual transition will lead to fragmentary dreams and imagined scenes. Dream state is considered our most unbridled creative time because of the new associative possibilities occurring in dreams. 'Even without waking dream recall, changes within associative networks produced by the brain mechanisms of dream construction leave brain networks that can be reactivated at a later time, leading to new creative insights.' Robert Stickgold in Creativity of the dream and sleep state.
The process of deconstruction /breaking down fixed relationships in our perception of reality (Gestalt)/ and reconstruction /exploring new associative possibilities/ has proved to be an amazing incubator to fuel new creative processes. The practice of collage and assemblage (deconstruction & reconstruction) which started with Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism at the beginning of the 20st century revolutionised modern art and opened the door to what would become contemporary art. 

Dreamscapes analogue series, like the digital series, are created through processes of deconstructions and reconstructions similar to hypnagogia; the core difference is that the analogue series are hand made physical pieces. While digital creation plugs into rapid data flow and an accelerated perception of time, hand made creation brings me back to what I call “earth & human body time”, back to the sensoriality and physicality of artistic gestures like painting, cutting, assembling real materials and experiencing intimacy with the physical medium. Hands-on creative processes allow a state of embodied presence through all the senses and a slowing down of time and pace. 

Both practices have become complementary in my artistic process. Analogue studio time fosters a natural release of physical impulses and an embodied exploration of sensorial associations, when digital creation is highly playful and offers a virtual speeding up of evolutionary associative possibilities. Digitality takes me down a rabbit hole where time speeds up and I forget my own physicality, whilst analogue hands-on work connects me with an embodied sense of timelessness that seams to slow down the passage of time. The work has become a hybrid of digital and hand made components combining painting with mixed media collage and assemblages. There is a continuous back and forth motion loop between digital alteration and physical deconstruction. I create glitched and altered visual or optical digital textures with photographic images from my daily life. I then print these digital images, cut them out and use them in my hand made collages and assemblages combining them with other physical textures such as painted canvas, painted papers, tissue papers and fabrics. I also photograph analogue textures of the hands-on work which I digitalise and distort to create new digital images. Digital and analogue technics merge and nourish each other's while I find a way to bridge both temporalities balancing my experience of digital virtuality with embodied physicality. I like to initiate the creative process in a chaotic, random and deconstructed manner with a limited choice of elements/materials until the piece starts to shape and construct itself into imaginary landscapes that can be figurative or abstract, or a hybrid of both. The work reveals its new gestalt through time as the process unfolds.

Dreams themselves are gates to an other perception of time. While we are lying down immobilised by sleep paralysis, our dreams can span other several days, occur in slow-motion or in real-time. This questioning of our perceptions of time in a reality that weaves virtual and physical possibilities is part of my artistic exploration. The work poetically link the past, memories, the slowness of the beginning of time, our search for eternity with the light speed of future visions and relentless evolution. The creative process is in direct continuity with the surrealist and fluxus movements, allowing a direct outpour from the rich unconscious layers of the psyche through free associations. The aesthetic breeds from surrealism, Op art, abstract expressionism and glitch art.

Doorways & Stairways

Solaris Doorway - 2019 
Acrylic & Mix Media on Canvas -  Size 100 x 100 cm

Horizon Gate - 2019
Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas -  Size 60 x 60 cm

Eclipse Gate 01 - 2020 
Acrylic on Canvas -  Size 60 x 60 cm

Eclipse Gate - 2021
Mixed Media on Canvas -  Size 60 x 60 cm

Eclipse Doorways - 2021
Mixed Media on Canvas -  Size 60 x 60 cm

Solstice Portal - 2021
Acrylic on Canvas -  Size 50 x 90 cm

Doorways Above & Below - 2021
Mix Media on Wood -  Size 80 x 120 cm

Stairway to Heaven - 2021
Mixed Media on Wood -  Size 150 x 100 cm

Rêveurs & Rêveuses - Dreamers

Dreamer - 2020
Acrylic on Canvas -  Size 120 x 60 cm

Breaking through walls - 2021
Mixed Media Collage on Canvas -  Size 40 x 40 cm

"Pixel Dream" 2021
Mix Media on Canvas -  Size 100 x 100 cm

Ancestor Dream - 2020
Mixed Media on Wood 70 x 50 cm

Dreamers - 2020
Mixed Media on Wood 70 x 50 cm

"Dreamers" - 2020
Mixed Media on wood  70 x 50 cm


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