Expressive Arts Training For Professionals

Certificate, Continuous Education & 
Module K Intermodal Art for Master Training

An in depth training of the uses of Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts for social changes, pedagogy and therapy.

The Expressive Arts anchor themselves in the lived experience and in the phenomenology of artistic expression. Learning needs to be embodied to self organise itself within and become integrated. The Expressive Arts approach is interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary, meaning that all the art disciplines are seen as facets of human expression and interact to support holistic self development.

This Training is done in collaboration with the Step Ahead Expressive Arts Institute in Berlin and will include:

  • 7 Days seminar in Ibiza Spain October 2020
  • 6 Online monthly teaching seminars from November 2020 to April 2021
  • 180 hours of Studio Work, Peer Group Project, Internship Practice Supervision
  • 7 Days seminar in Berlin Germany May 2021

The certificate or Module K counts for 18 cp ECTS credits

The program will weave theory and practice and cover the following:

  • Identity & Expression, Processes of Change, Artistic Expression & Intermodal Methods, Art & Phenomenology, Art Analog & The Artist Attitude, , Decentering & Architecture of A Session, Aesthetic Analysis, Aesthetic Responsibility
  • Visual Arts, Expressive Movements, Theatre, Music, Poetry & Creative Writing, Installations, Performances

We are working on the details of the program at this time and hope to be able to give you dates and costs very soon. If you are interested by this training write me an email with your bio and motivations.

"Artistic sessions with Roseline have brought a deep transformation in my life as a woman and as an artist. Her charismatic personality holds space for her students, while her teaching truly enriched my perspectives looking at Art in all its forms.  The artistic experiences guided me into infinite creative possibilities and her non-judgmental approach fostered a real freedom of expression."
Annalisa Rinaldi, Gourmet Chef & Artist, Spain

Never did I master a painting before, I thought of myself as a "brainy" kind of person. Little did I know I was going to see myself creating Art, performing Theater, exploring Life with guidance and safety. I am a different man because of attending Roseline’s workshops, more me, more authentic, more honest.
Oscar Mata, Language Teacher, Spain

"The creative sessions with Roseline helped me to connect with my inner source and my inherent creativity. Not only was I – somewhat to my surprise – able to create meaningful pieces of art, I was able to integrate this source of creativity into my day to day life and work. Highly recommended – not only for artists!!"
Vera Rodenhoff, Senior Government Official, Germany

I enjoyed Roseline work a lot! The perfect cocktail for a playful and insightful transformative experience, creative and deep. A fantastic way to discover new faces of myself in painting, acting, and creating...Highly recommended!
Santoshi Amor, Tantra Teacher and Group Leader

You are a professional wanting to deepen your artistic skills with visual arts in an interdisciplinary way.  

Needing individual support to reclaim your artistic expression and boost your creativity 


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