Creative Alchemy & Mindful Art Practices

One Week Intensive Interdisciplinary Art Workshop for Aspiring and Experienced Creators in Ibiza Spain
Next dates 13th to 18th of May, scroll down for details

Art making in all its forms is the most natural way to connect to the creative source and the artistry of life itself. Artistic expression provides us with a symbolic mirror of who we are as creator. Bridging artistic expression with mindfulness offers the opportunity to experience mindfulness in action as we watch ourselves using our sacred human gift of creators.   

In our busy schedule creativity, art and mindfulness are often the first things to be left out and we end up feeling frustrated as if something essential is missing in our life that we can’t quite pinpoint. To set free our inner artist we first need to let our body feel and move, our hands shape and play, our imagination wander and wonder, our words express, our soul be touched and your heart be cracked open. Our unique mode of expression develops naturally when  we create from our essence and our artistic skills grow as we practice.

This course will help you find and re-awaken your creative spark with mindful art practices that combines different artistic disciplines /multi media art making, embodiment and spontaneous improvisation, object arranging and installation, creative writing. This interdisciplinary approach helps you draw from all your artistic potentials and teaches you how to cross-pollinate inspiration and discoveries from one artistic modality to another. You will also learn how to harvest meaningful insights from your creative process and how to transfer them into the context of your life.

This course is as an introduction for those interested to use and combine different expressive arts modalities in a professional context working with adults or youngsters. If you are a group leader, a retreat facilitator, a coach, a therapist, a social worker or a teacher, this course serves as a foundation course for my certified training if you wish to go deeper later on.

I designed this workshop to be exiting and inspiring for aspiring creators with little or no experience and also for creative professionals or amateurs needing to reconnect with their muses and nurture their inspiration.

In this one-week workshop you will:

  • Discover the essential guiding principles of all creation and experience how they can awaken and inspire your own artistic expression.
  • Rediscover how your body can simply feel, move and express, how your hands can spontaneously create, how images, words, sounds and music can fill you with inspiration.
  • Learn how to break free from limiting conditionings, expectations and beliefs, so you can dive into the meaningful process of letting your art emerge and evolve while creating from your whole being.
  • Experience artistic tools to help you transform blockages, stressful emotions, dead-end situations and limitations into opportunities for change and innovation.
  • Awaken your sensitivity and cross-pollinate from different art disciplines to keep your art practice alive, playful and fresh.
  • Learn how to balance techniques with the relinquishing of control and by harnessing accidents and chance encounters.
  • Practice the art of seeing and listening, the art of presence and Zen-focused attention to transform your creation into an awakening experience.
  • Learn how to harvest meaning through mindful observation and transfer your creative insights to your life context.

During this course you will also be able to connect with a group of like-minded Awakening Artists and experience the warm support of shared creativity and inspiration.

By the end of the course you will have created a body of meaningful, original artwork. You will have experienced how to combine all art discipline to keep your art practice growing and evolving.

Intensive Week Workshop Spring 2019 Ibiza Spain
From Monday 13th of May to Saturday 18th of May 
Every day 10h to 18h30

Cost with all art materials 
600 euros
Early bird 520 euros till 10th of April
Limited spaces

The Studio

Roseline's art studio has been the cradle of many artistic projects and vibrates with creative energy.

The studio is a 70 m2 luminous space with high ceilings and outdoor  country area perfect for intimate sharing and relating in small group settings. The studio is fully equipped with ample space to provide for all modalities of artistic expression.

Nature is the ultimate artist and endless source of inspiration. The nature of Ibiza is raw, untamed and exquisitely beautiful.


Note that accommodations and meals are not included in the workshop price. There are many options for accommodations you can choose from nearby according to your budget.
We recommend the very reasonably priced Hotel Cas Catala in Santa Eulalia del Rio, only 20mn walk from the Art Studio & 4mn by car. Pick up in the morning can be organised.
Vegetarian lunch at the studio is available on demand. 
Santa Eulalia del Rio is situated on the north east cost of the island, it is a lively port, with beach, restaurants and shops.

"Artistic sessions with Roseline have brought a deep transformation in my life as a woman and as an artist. Her charismatic personality holds space for her students, while her teaching truly enriched my perspectives looking at Art in all its forms.  The artistic experiences guided me into infinite creative possibilities and her non-judgmental approach fostered a real freedom of expression."
Annalisa Rinaldi, Gourmet Chef & Artist, Spain

Never did I master a painting before, I thought of myself as a "brainy" kind of person. Little did I know I was going to see myself creating Art, performing Theater, exploring Life with guidance and safety. I am a different man because of attending Roseline’s workshops, more me, more authentic, more honest.
Oscar Mata, Language Teacher, Spain

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to bring art materials?

All main art materials are provided, I recommend you to bring  your favorite note book and pens to keep a journal during the workshop.

How much is it, and how do I register? What if I can't afford it?

The Awakening Artist workshop registration costs 600 euros, and 520 euros when you register before the 30st of March.

If financial restrictions are keeping you from participating, get in touch for special rates, exchanges or scholarships, email your motivations and limitations to this address:

I have no creative or artistic experience. Is this workshop for me?

Yes! The Awakening Artist workshop is a perfect place to meet your inner artist even for the first time and jump-start your creativity. This course is not about finishing masterpieces. Instead, it’s about getting your creative juices flowing, learning about new materials, and weaving more creative action and creative ways of being into your life.

I am already a professional artist. Is this workshop for me?

Yes! Even if you have been making art for years The Awakening Artist Workshop will offer fresh new ways to connect with your muse, to shape-shift your artistic expression and cross-pollinate from different artistic modalities. You will reconnect with your capacity to surrender to the art making process, letting your self be playful and tryout new. The course is also designed to invite more creativity into your life outside the studio.

I have been a professional artist for 25 years and these art practices are helping me to keep my creative process alive and refresh my life.

Can I offer this workshop as a gift?

Yes this is an amazing gift, ask us for gift voucher!
Send an email to

What is your refund policy?

You can get a 80% refund until the 30st of March, 50% till the 15th of April, you can also transfer your registration to an other workshop until the 15th of April. After that date no refund or transfer are possible. Thank you for understanding.

"The creative sessions with Roseline helped me to connect with my inner source and my inherent creativity. Not only was I – somewhat to my surprise – able to create meaningful pieces of art, I was able to integrate this source of creativity into my day to day life and work. Highly recommended – not only for artists!!"
Vera Rodenhoff, Senior Government Official, Germany

I enjoyed Roseline work a lot! The perfect cocktail for a playful and insightful transformative experience, creative and deep. A fantastic way to discover new faces of myself in painting, acting, and creating...Highly recommended!
Santoshi Amor, Tantra Teacher and Group Leader

Cant join a workshop and needing support to reclaim your artistic expression and boost your creativity from home?

Not free at these dates and urgently needing support with your creative life?


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