Art ritual & personal mythomorphosis

In life the only certainty is change. Our life is a succession of cycles and growth challenges. The key to wisdom and evolution is to be able to creatively attune to these cycles and find ways to reinvent ourselves as we go.

"The birth of the centaur" is the story of my own Life Art Process and transformation journey. This is how I stepped into a new cycle of my life, from artist to art therapist and creative coach, from horse to centaur, supported by symbolic art making and creative rituals.

In Astrology the return of Chiron happens at 50 years old, it symbolizes a new life cycle in which we are given the opportunity to deeply understand and heal our wounds, transforming them into healing gifts that can further serve others. The myth of Chiron illustrates how the healer/therapist may use his own affliction to share his existential vulnerability with others. 



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