Roseline de Thélin

Roseline works with light as a medium and as a subject for over 15 years. She creates light sculptures and light installations that play with the epiphenomena of light: reflection, refraction, fragmentation, conduction and transparency.

She designs light art pieces and installations for public spaces and private homes internationally.
She exhibits regularly in Spain where she is based and abroad.

Fibre optic, symbol of the endless possibilities carried by photons, has become one of her main medium. Finding inspiration in astronomy, scientific theories, quantum physics, and the expansion of consciousness, she creates holographic ethereal beings, the "Homos Luminosos" (latin for luminous beings), and organic forms such as siprals, waves, vortex out of light point edged on hundreds of optic fibres. The empty spaces between the light points create a loose definition effect that invites the brain of the viewer to fill up the gaps, co-creating the threee dimensional image. Her work combines the use of digital technology with hands on work to produce illusion and deception effects. She is now internationaly recognized as a light artist for the unique work she developed with this medium.

Roseline is training as a Gestalt and Jungian art therapist. She facilitates transformatives creative workshops. Check her workshops.


A new edition of Columba, one of the member of the homos luminosos family named after the small star constellation Columba Noachi, is now displayed in the show ILLUSION at The Reuben Science Museum in San Diego California until December 2014. Made of fibre optic, symbol of the endless possibilities carried by photons, this holographic light sculpture combines the use of digital technoclogy with hands on work.
Check it out http://www.rhfleet.org/exhibitions/illusion

Since 2013 Roseline is part of the KINETICA MUSEUM