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Roseline de Thélin is an interdisciplinary visual artist, creativity coach, expressive arts teacher and art therapist committed to share her experience in artistic investigation, creativity, consciousness shift and the processes of change.


Since the dawn of our civilisation we have engaged in art infused rituals to celebrate the cycles of life, conjure healing and pray the gods. Art is a mirror of our culture and our consciousness; a place where we can push our boundaries ever further. Art making and artistic expression is our human way to tell the story of our relationship with the world. 

Artistic wonder is my guide and has inspired many creative shifts in my professional and personal life. I have explored a myriad of artistic medium: from painting to sculpture, from hands-on to digital, from visual art to performance art.

I became fascinated by the mystery of light traveling from the far end of the universe and investigated this subject in many of my creations. As an artist I always felt called to explore this mysterious place where art meets consciousness, evolution, science and philosophy.

I am passionate on how all modalities of artistic expression can support the expansion of self-awareness and innovation. Over the last 20 years I have gathered  extensive knowledge and experience in interdisciplinary art, in personal and transpersonal psychology, in Jungian symbols and archetypes, as well as in embodied mindfulness. Being also trained as an Art Therapist, Creativity Coach and Expressive Arts Teacher, I now put my experience into service and inspire others to find their unique creative paths and become the creators of their own lives. 

As a teacher and guide I have developed my own multifaceted approach to healing and creativity that is enriched with a mystical and holistic depth. My approach focuses on how creative expression can shift perceptions, change behaviours and help integrate new insights.

I bridge my own artistic research with  the facilitation of Art Retreats & Creative Workshops for groups and individuals. Through artistic investigations these sessions foster creativity, self-discovery, personal healing and expansion of self.


Roseline is known for her innovative light sculptures and installations which combine light sculpting and 3D modelling with fibre optic - a symbol of the endless possibilities carried by photons. The subject of Light has been central in her artistic and philosophical inquiry. Roseline’s work plays with illusion and perceptions combining a diversity of digital and hands-on media and has been featured at Kinetica Museum London, Anthropology Museum Quai Branly Paris, Science Museum Dublin and may more venues.

Roseline anchors her experience with the creative process in solid psychotherapeutic foundations. She has a MA in Expressive Arts & Psychology and is a certified Humanist Gestalt Art Therapy. She specialises in the use of the arts in therapy, coaching, pedagogy and social change. 

She has extensive experience in visual arts (painting, drawing, collage, sculpture), expressive movements and embodied mindfulness, improvisation and drama therapy, breath work and bio-energetic body work, which she integrates with her knowledge of Jungian symbols & archetypes, character analysis, systemic constellations and trans-personal psychology.

Roseline has received direct teaching from great contemporary masters such as Paolo Knill, Stanislav Grof, Martin Kalff, Javier Melguizo, Svagito Liebermeister and Thomas Hübl. She embodies and shares the potentials of artistic expression to reinvent ourselves and our life towards an open future.


Art at the boundary of the unknown

Light Art

Creating in the light dimension

As a visual artist Roseline finds inspiration in astronomy, quantum physics, perceptions, subtle reality and the expansion of consciousness. She explores and combines a large diversity of media including fibre optic, mirrors, quartz crystals, perspex, metals, painting, collage, photography & video to create art that reflects her personal inquiry and transformation.

She is internationally recognised for the unique work she developed with light as a medium and particularly fibre optic. Roseline’s series of "Homos Luminous" (latin for man of light), mysterious and ethereal holographic beings made of constellations of light points, question the existence of subtle parallel realities and the future of human kind. This work has been exhibited in London, Paris, Hong Kong, San Diego, Kuala Lumpur. 

View Roseline's art galleries in the link below.

Light Art

Art installations & art laboratories

In her role as artist-curator Roseline investigates how art can be a collective medium for evolution, innovation and social change.

Since the beginning of time there has been a dialogue between art and consciousness. Art and artists mirror and stretch our collective perceptions and social fabric.

While our reality is becoming virtual, and technical innovation is exponential, how can the arts inspire our capacity to be sustainable, connected with ourselves and the world? How can we include our physical, sensorial, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions? And how can the arts inspire conscious individual and social evolution?

Roseline last curated the art exhibition fo the conference & artistic event launched by Foundation Oceanic Global to raise consciousness for the protection of the oceans. 

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Art & consciousness in action

When we activate the genius of our innate creativity we can apply it to every area of our life.

Parallel to her personal artistic inquiry, Roseline offers life changing transformative artistic experiences in the form of art retreats, creative workshops and art therapy. These programs take place at Roseline’s studio in Ibiza Spain, outdoor in nature as well as abroad and online.

Explore the programs in the links below:

  • Art Nature & Mindfulness retreats to nourish yourself at the source of all creation.
  • One to one Art retreats to shift your perspective, resource & transform.
  • Art & Mindfulness workshops to create from a space of awareness and develop your own unique art.
  • Deep Dive workshops to let go of your outdated programming & inner limitations, heal and grow into the full spectrum of your creative capacities. The Deep Dive workshops focus on 4 core therapeutic themes towards wholeness and self empowerment: Wonder, Discovery and Primal Creation - Dream Wisdom & Creative Inspiration - Polarities in Art & Life  Self Love & Family Legacy.
  • Individual sessions for adults to privately address personal or professional issues. Individual sessions are in the studio or on skype.
  • Life cycle coaching to activate synchronicity and evolution in your life, sessions are in the studio or on skype.
  • Play therapy & art classes for children and teens.
  • Tailored group experiences for organisations & institutions.

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