3 to 5 individual sessions tailored to your needs over a week period in Roseline's studio Ibiza Spain

A one to one art retreat is a unique opportunity to take time for yourself - to pause and reflect on the inner and outer landscapes of your life - to safely address personal or professional issues - to better fulfil your soul's calling.

Intensive sessions are tailored to your needs and can combine the benefits from Creative Coaching and/or Art Therapy in the studio and in nature.

If you wish to re-awaken your artistic potentials and creativity, then Creative Coaching will give you the opportunity to:

  • Explore hands on medium that are attracting you (mixed media, painting, drawing, collage, clay, object making and objects arranging) combining them with expressive movements, art rituals and creative writing, in the studio or in nature
  • Gain self confidence to access new creative possibilities
  • Reconnect with your own source of inspiration and create art that is your own
  • Experience how body, heart and mind collaborate in the creative act
  • Cultivate an attitude of inquiry and mindfulness that is key to discovery and innovation
  • Surrender to the emerging process of art making 
  • Work with the unknown and the unexpected
  • Learn how to harvest meaningful creative insights and transfer them to your life context
  • Initiate, reflect on or boost your own creative or artistic project

If you facing challenging times and need support to break through or to get through then Art therapy will help you to:

  • Explore creative and artistic ways to express and transmute emotions
  • Attend loss, grief and difficult life changes
  • Break through obstacles such as fears, doubts or repetitive patterns that are preventing you to shine fully
  • Experience how trials and errors foster new possibilities
  • Transform dead end situation or crisis into opportunities for growth
  • Break free from conditioning and limiting beliefs
  • Cultivate an attitude of inquiry free of expectations and judgement
  • Navigate the unknown and the unexpected
  • Learn how to harvest meaningful creative insights and transfer them to your life context

Combining mindfulness, hikes in nature, Gestalt tools and artistic expression this private art retreat will help you activate your creative potential for adaptation, resilience, coherence, growth and transformation.

Deepening our relationship with nature provides an endless source of balance and inspiration. The Mediterranean island of Ibiza can give you the opportunity to draw nourishment from its untamed and beautiful landscapes.

How it works:

If you want to apply for an Intensive Art Retreat you need to send me an email with your motivations. I can only work with a limited amount of applicants.
Depending on your motivations and my availability we would plan a half-hour free online meeting to get to know each other, discuss your needs and plan sessions.

Sessions are 1h30 and cost 75 euros per sessions. A studio process needs a minimum of 3 sessions to start with.  Art materials are included.

Payment is done online with Credit card to reserve dates and times ahead.

The studio

Roseline's art studio has been the cradle of many artistic projects and vibrates with creative energy.

The studio is a 70 m2 luminous space with high ceilings and an outdoor country area. It is fully equipped with ample space to provide for all modalities of artistic expression.

Situated a few minutes outside to the village of Santa Eulalia in the north east of the island, a small port with a beach, nearby accommodations can easily be organised  depending on your preferences.

"The creative sessions with Roseline helped me to connect with my inner source and my inherent creativity. Not only was I – somewhat to my surprise – able to create meaningful pieces of art, I was able to integrate this source of creativity into my day to day life and work. Highly recommended – not only for artists!!"
Vera Rodenhoff, Senior Government Official, Germany

Interested to experience the transformative dynamic of group workshops?

Connecting with other like-minded aspiring or experienced artists is an irreplaceable well of creativity and inspiration. Group sessions build deep and unforgettable human relationships, they enhance our awareness of how we see the world and how the world sees us.

Get the support you need where ever you are:


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