Bewitched by the mystery of light traveling from the far end of the universe carrying information from other worlds, light emerged as both a subject and a medium of creation in my work many years ago.

Finding inspiration in astronomy, quantum physics, subtle and parallel realities, the interplay of perceptions and consciousness, I keep exploring bridges between art, imagination, science, philosophy, and the evolution of consciousness.

Artistic wonder is my guide. I believe wonder and curiosity are the source of evolution and innovation. I am an artist explorer led by curiosity to experiment with a myriad of artistic media. From painting to sculpture, from hands-on to digital, from visual art to performance, I combine materials such as fibre optic, mirrors, quartz crystals, perspex, metals, painting, collage, photography and video to create art that reflects my inner and outer quests.

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In her role as artist-curator Roseline investigates how art can be a collective medium for evolution, innovation and social change.

Since the beginning of time there has been a dialogue between art and consciousness. Art and artists mirror and stretch our collective perceptions and social fabric.

While our reality is becoming virtual, and technical innovation is exponential, how do we preserve our physical, sensorial, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions? How can the arts inspire our capacity to be sustainable, to be connected with our humanity and with the world? And how can the arts engage conscious individuals and social evolution?

Main Exhibitions & Events

  • Photograph of "Homos Luminosos Installation" featured on the cover of  the book "The Precarious Coexistence of Men, Machines and Algorithms"
    written by Johannes Bennke and published by Wilhelm Fink
  • Public Speaker at Conference “Can Art Awaken Humanity?”
    Saint Steven, London UK
  • Art Curator for Foundation Oceanic Global
    Raising consciousness on ocean preservation through the arts, 
    an Oceanic Global Event & Conference in Ibiza Spain
  • "Homos Luminosos" featured to illustrate the use of new technologies 
    in "Physics and Chemistry" book edited by Bordas France 
  • Art Installation “Homos Luminosos” in thematic exhibition "Persona"
    at Musée du Quai Branly, Paris France
  • Art Installation “Hybrid Art”
    Galeria Sa Nostra
    Ibiza Spain
  • Part of permanent collection from Science Gallery Museum Dublin for exhibition “Illusion”.
    This exhibition has been on a world tour since 2014 and reached thousands of visitors.
  • Art Installation “Akasha Mirror Room”
    at Gallery B12
    Ibiza, Spain
  • Art Installation “Homos Luminosos”
    at Science Gallery Museum
    Dublin, Ireland
  • Art Installation “Homos Luminosos”
    at Kinetica Museum Limited & Kinetica Art Fair
    London UK
    2010 - 2013
  • Art Installation “Homos Luminosos”
    at Future Frequency Festival
    Lincoln, UK
  • Light Scultptures Art Installation and Performance “Time Smile” on Light and Timelessness
    at Atzaro Art Lounge
    Ibiza, Spain
  • Light Sculptures Art Installation “Changing weather” On Asian Mega Cities and Evolution
    at Chancery lane Gallery
    Hong Kong
  • Fibre Optic Art installation and Performance “Lightskapes” On Exploring the Light Dimension
    at Atzaro Art Lounge
    Ibiza Spain 2007
  • Art Installation “Entering the photon band” On Exploring the Light Dimension
    at Atzaro Art Lounge
    Ibiza Spain 2006
  • Creation of bespoke light art pieces, light sculptures and art installations for institutions, public and private spaces since 2000

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