Creative Coaching & Artistic Mentoring
Online or Live @ the Studio

Receive personalised support and guidance to:

  • Develop a mindful and fulfilling art practice combining visual arts (drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, object making, photography & video) with embodied experiences, art rituals, journaling and creative writing. 
  • Understand and experience the guiding principles of creation (chaos/order, masculin/feminine, light/shadow, space/time/rhythm)
  • Create from a space of presence and awareness
  • Find your own source of inspiration, cultivate the art of seeing and listening
  • Become a conscious creator
  • Develop your own artistic or creative project
  • Let go of limiting conditioning
  • Surrender to the shaping of your creative process
  • Invite synchronicity
  • Harness accidents and the unexpected
  • Try out, discover and innovate 
  • Dialogue with your inner critic
  • Develop your own skills and techniques
  • Create meaningful art that is your own
  • Get unstuck, deconstruct and reconstruct
  • Shift perspectives
  • Harvest meaningful insights from your art practice to infuse creative transformation in your personal and professional life
  • Study the principle of Expressive Art Coaching
  • Become a professional creative coach

How it works:

To apply for coaching sessions you need to send me an email with your motivations. I can only work with a limited amount of dedicated applicants.

Online 60 euros for 1h & 80 euros for 1h30 payable online at booking
At the studio 130 euros for 2h payable at booking

To effectively support your creative process a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions is needed. Regularity and dedication are key.
Online international students will need a set of basic art materials for use during the sessions and for their art assignments between sessions. Sessions are usually on Skype or Zoom.

"Having sessions with Roseline was for me the key to change, the key to be who I am today. She helped me through creative expression to communicate with my inner self and see all its parts, the clear ones and the darker ones. She also gave me tools that I put into practice every time I need. Life is full of challenges, and thanks to these tools, I am able to successfully harness them by myself." Fernando Arco Sarana, Events Manager, Spain 


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