Accredited Foundational Training For Facilitators
 in Expressive Arts, Digital Media & Contemporary Arts

In collaboration with the European Graduate School

Accredited by the division of Arts, Health and Society of the European Graduate School in Swizerland this professional Expressive Arts Training combines seminars online and live at the ArtLab Ibiza Studio. With a total of 165h of presence time and 320h of guided self study, this 16 cp ETCS program is equivalent to Module K from the European Graduate School and serves as a foundation for the Master In Expressive Arts & Psychology (Coaching, Therapy, Pedagogy & Social Change) and/or for the facilitators' Diploma of Advanced Studies in Expressive Arts.

Focusing on the principles & the practice of the Expressive Arts, the attitude of inquiry of the artist, the art of phenomenological observation, the poeisis of art making as a laboratory of experience and the inner working of the creative process in a contemporary multimedia context, this training weaves digital and analogue art making in all artistic modalities: visual arts, expressive movement, rituals & performance, voice & sound collage, creative writing & poetry.
The training combines live intensive workshops in ArtLab Ibiza Studio with a one year online committed course. You can read below a complete description of  the training.
To apply send an email about your personal and professional experience, as well as your motivations, this will be followed by an interview.


PART 1 - Live @ ArtLab Ibiza Studio

64h presence time

To build up an experiential practice of Intermodal Expressive Arts in a multimedia, digital and analogue context, students must participate to at least 2 live workshops of their choice from the Live Intensive program:
 Below is a short description of the 3 intensive creation workshops that are part of the program, for more details you can visit each workshop's page.


JUST PAINTExpressive Painting Expressive Body 
Presence, phenomenological observation and creative process.

During this 5 days live seminar students sensitize to embodied techniques and tools, while exploring how to relinquish control, harness chance encounters and transit the creative process of exploration, trial, error and transformation. They will actively experience:

  • Range of play, low skills/high sensitivity frames
  • Sensitising & embodiment
  • Aesthetic experience & attractors
  • Presence, living inquiry & creative process
  • Dialogue with the work
  • Happy accidents & deconstruction
  • Phenomenological observation & the digital witness
  • Aesthetic analysis & harvesting

Presence time 32h

MIXED MEDIA: Collages & Assemblages, Scrapbooking, Imagination and Symbolic Language, Metaphors & Creative Writing
Practicing a multimedia approach to intermodal expressive arts

During this 5 days live seminar students will explore in depth the inspirational, aesthetic and symbolic potentials of art materials, images, and objects. They will uncover the metaphorical language of attractors, personal iconography, imagination and aesthetic sensitivity. They will actively experience:

  • Art materials, attractors, metaphors & imagination
  • Collages & assemblages, digital & analogue play
  • Decentering & perspective shifts
  • Deconstruction, randomness & reconstruction
  • Creative writing/poetry
  • Art installation & aesthetic responsibility
  • Intermodal transfer
  • Aesthetic analysis & harvesting

Presence time 32h

ANALOGUE - DIGITAL : Bridging Expressive Arts and Digital Creation. Using hands-on painting, collage, mask making, creative writing, sound/voice and performance as raw materials to create digital art and art videos.

During this 5 days live seminar students will experience how to use digital tools to witness and observe their creative process, as well as creating original digital artworks. Using a choice of apps on their smart phones & tablets (IOS & Androids) participants will also review basic tools to present their artworks digitally.

  • Intermodal transfer weaving analogue, hand-on art making with digital creation
  • Digital tools for creative play and exploration
  • Digital tools to observe aesthetic composition, try out possibilities and shift perspective
  • Digital tools to deepen and nourish your creative process
  • Build up and shape layers in digital collages and videos collages
  • Explore the symbolic language of symbols and metaphors
  • Embrace chance and randomness to tap into unexpected sources of inspiration and develop a new visual language
  • Surrender to the shaping process of your creation, dialogue with your emerging work and experience creative synchronicity
  • Deepen your phenomenological observation of  the surface of your artworks and your experiential process 
  • Present your artworks using digital tools
  • Aesthetic analysis & harvesting

Presence time 32h

PART 2 - Online

32 h presence time - 320h of guided self study
12 monthly online sessions combining 
5 creation Seed LABs and 7 teaching and supervision sessions

In this part of the training - spread over a year time from June to May - students bridge their own art practice with the principles of Intermodal Expressive Arts and learn how to guide and facilitate an Expressive Arts session with group and individuals.
Students will receive supervision to develop their first group workshop or individual session's flow integrating the principles of Expressive Arts.

Virtual Live Art Laboratory 
The poiesis of art making - Anchoring a personal expressive arts practice 

5 Seed Creation Laboratories online spread from June to May designed to activate and nourish  students' own intermodal art practice. Students become familiar with  the practice of phenomenological observation to journal, document, present, reflect and harvest from their art making process as well as respond to the work of other group participants. 
This course also includes inspirational teaching videos about the creative process to become familiar with:

  • Art as laboratory of experience, wonder & the attitude of inquiry
  • Aesthetic experience & attractors
  • Perceptions & the phenomenology of the creative process: presence & observation
  • Frame & range of play
  • Shaping & dialoguing with your artwork
  • Discovery & the processes of change
  • Intermodal and multimedia transfers
  • Digital witness & digital play
  • Digital documenting, aesthetic analysis & harvesting
  • Art as a way of expressing, discovering, understanding, inventing and knowing

Presence time 15h and self study 70h.

Principles & Practice of Expressive Arts:
Facilitating, guiding, harvesting

These 7 online sessions - spread from June to May - focus on how the principles and philosophy of Expressive Arts provide a clear foundation and frame for the facilitator. This part of the training includes readings, home works and the development of an internship practice. Students will become familiar with the Expressive Arts tool box:

  • The philosophical and theoretical background of the Expressive Arts
  • The Expressive Arts principles in practice
  • Presence, process & observation
  • The architecture of a session & the safe space
  • Frame & range of play
  • The low skills/high sensitivity EXA approach
  • Sensitising & embodiment
  • Decentering
  • Intermodal transfer
  • Aesthetic response and aesthetic responsibility
  • Aesthetic analysis, inquiry & open questions
  • Harvesting
  • Practice supervision

Presence time 16h and guided self Study 250h spread over the entire module period.
Self studies include: readings, research, writing, study-buddy practice, development and presentation of an artistic project.

Part 3 - Live @ ArtLab Ibiza Studio

57h presence time

These 2 Live seminars designed to deepen students' experiential practice of Intermodal Expressive Arts as facilitators, are a mandatory part of the facilitator training,

Physical Theatre, Improvisation, Voice & Sound: Art as transformative ritual

During this 5 days live seminar students will explore how the body relates to time, space, objects and sound at the cross road of movement, drama, creation and symbolic actions. They will actively experience:

  • Not knowing, presence and improvisation
  • Body, movement & meaning
  • Playing with objects & metaphors
  • Time space & rhythm, repetitions & variations
  • Rituals, transition & transformation
  • Solo & ensemble performance
  • Mask & costumes creation
  • Nature based art
  • Photography & video art
  • Voice, music & sound collage
  • Decentering & intermodal transfer
  • Working with groups
  • Aesthetic analysis & harvesting 

Presence time 32h

Integration & Final Exam: Supervision practice, personal project presentation, closing ritual

During this closing live 4 days workshop happening in May at the end of the training, students will focus on integration of their learning and actively work with:

  • Practice & supervision
  • Aesthetic response & aesthetic responsibility
  • Intermodal presentation of art work 
  • Aesthetic Analysis & harvesting

Presence time 25h

Send your application via email with your background and motivations

Program director Roseline de Thélin 
CAGS in Expressive Arts, MA in Expressive Arts Therapy & Coaching - European Graduate School Switzerland
Certified Humanist Gestalt Art Therapist - Hephaisto School Spain
Mixed Media Visual Artist & Teacher
MA in Curation of Cultural & Artistic Exhibitions, Theatre & Movie Productions - University Paris 9 France
Fine Arts Paris France - Art Residency Sir JJ School of Art Mumbai India


Virtual Live Art Laboratory 5 Labs Online 
Principles & Practice of Expressive Arts 7 Sessions Online
Only for trainees 380 euros

2 (Just Paint, Mix Media or Analogue Digital) x Live 5 days intensive @ArtLab Ibiza
Student discount 2 x 440 euros

1 (Rituals & Performances) x Live 5 days intensive @ArtLab Ibiza
Student discount 440 euros
1 (Training Closing 18/5 to 21/5/2023) x Live 4 days intensive @ArtLab Ibiza
Only for trainees 340 euros

Payments timeline is discussed with each participants depending on individual curriculum.

The Professional Training 2022-2023 is running.
Registration is open for the next cohort. Interested send an application email via the contact sheet with your motivations. In fonction we will plan an online interview to discuss your application and curriculum. 


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