I started experimenting with recurrent cycles of deconstruction and reconstruction in my creation process to break free from the fixity of the habitual and to let emerge new associations/relationships between elements.

These cycles became evolutionary activators for the work. Allowing the medium to guide the process, my art practice turned into a laboratory to explore and observe states of flow, time perception, randomness, synchronicity, free association, new insights, the gestalt of forms and compositions, relationships, patterns, repetitions and variations. With a continuous looping motion between digital alteration and physical deconstruction, the work grew into a hybrid of digital and hand made components combining photography, video, painting, mixed media, collage and assemblages.

Works from the Chaosmos series are playful experiments in which I randomly de-construct forms, shapes and patterns, to re-construct them anew, letting an unplanned re-ordering flow reshape the disorder into new aesthetic harmonics and forms.

You make me happy 1 - 2021
Analogue Mixed Media on Canvas - Size 50 x 80 cm

You make me happy 2 - 2021
Analogue Mixed Media on Canvas - Size 50 x 80 cm


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