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One to One Art Therapy Sessions
Online or @ Roseline’s Studio

Break free, shift perspectives and step into change

One to one art therapy sessions offer a safe space to address your personal issues and transform difficulties into opportunity for growth and change. Artistic expression is a powerful non-verbal way to express the raw energy of emotion and see truths that are otherwise invisible. I have developed my own multifaceted approach to healing and creativity that is enriched with a mystical and holistic depth. I bridge mindfulness tools with my training and practice in Psychology, Expressive Arts, Gestalt Therapy, Bio Energy, Jungian Therapy, and Family Constellation.

Art therapy sessions will help you to:

  • Address personal and professional issues
  • Explore creative and artistic ways to express and transmute emotions
  • Reclaim and heal the child within
  • Transform dead end situation or crisis into new opportunities for creative growth
  • Transit loss and grief
  • Break free from conditioning, projections and limiting beliefs
  • Awaken and trust your inner wisdom
  • Build up resources and self compassion
  • Heal the past and open the way to an inspiring future
  • Cultivate an attitude of inquiry free of expectations and judgement
  • Navigate the unknown and the unexpected
  • Harvest meaningful insights and transfer them to your life
  • Try out new, experience freedom of choice and aliveness

How it works:

If you want to receive art therapy sessions you need to send me an email with your motivations or contact me via Whatsapp.

Online 80 euros for 1h30 session, payable online at booking.
At the studio 100 euros for 1h30 session or 130 euros for 2h session, including art materials, payable online at booking.

To effectively support your therapeutic process a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions is needed.

“Roseline was the one who held the torch of my path at a time when I did not have the strength to hold it. She accompanied me, reminding me to look forward with the courage and security that already existed in me, but that I had forgotten. I experienced a journey from the unconscious to the conscious through symbolism, metaphors, art, dances and unforgettable details. I am so grateful to you, Roseline, for teaching me to see myself from a new perspective.”  Lais Gulin, BNE Therapist (Emotional Reprogramming), Brazil

We are happy to collaborate with Artist Travel.


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