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One to One Sessions of Play Therapy and Artistic Awakening
for Children and Teens @ Roseline’s Studio

Play and creativity are the natural mediums of self-expression and learning for children and teens.

Play is children’s natural way to experiment and communicate, to learn about the world and its relationships, to test reality, to explore emotions and roles. Creative play therapy is a very effective and recognised model fostering self-regulation in the development of children. 

If you feel your child is going through difficulties, has a hard time to adapt to life circumstances, feels isolated or anxious, sessions of play and art therapy will provide an open, empathic and caring space where to express his/her personal story, release feelings and frustrations, express painful or frightening experiences, relieve anxiety and stress.

Play and art will give opportunities to access inner resources, find the confidence to overcome difficulties and regain full potential.

You might also find your child is not fulfilling his/her creative and artistic potentials in the school environment. The individual art space offers your child or teen an opportunity to realise creative ideas, explore, discover, gain confidence and develop natural skills.

A previous session with the parents is necessary to discuss context and needs. One 2 one sessions for young ones are tailored to individual needs. Sessions are usually 1h and cost 60 euros including artistic materials.

Roseline’s art studio is a 70 m2 luminous space with high ceilings, and outdoor country area. It has been the cradle of many artistic projects and vibrates with creative energy. The studio is a few minutes drive from the town of Santa Eulalia on the north east cost fo the island of Ibiza.


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