The mystery of light reaching us from the far end of the universe mesmerized me. Could light carry consciousness coming from other galaxies ? Curiosity and wonder led me to work with optic fibre, a light transmitting thread used mainly in telecommunication to send information. 

Who are the “Homos Luminosos”? Are they ghosts or souls? At the dawn of the 21st century which quantum leap of human evolution are they announcing? Between quantum physics, artificial intelligence, parallel reality and the healing of the human family constellation, which paradigm shift do they stand for?

Combining light sculpting and 3D modelling, I gave birth to a family of ethereal beings made of constellations of light points, the “Homos Luminosos,” Latin for Man of Light. The “Homos Luminosos” play with perceptions and illusion, they question the existence of parallel realities and the future of mankind.

The "Homos Luminosos" are featured in exibitions, museums, festivals and art fairs around the world. They stand as single figures or in family constellations. The "homos Luminosos" are part of the Kinetica museum's collection UK and of the Science Gallery's collection Dublin.
Explore the timeless dimensions of the "Homos Luminosos" family in the gallery below.




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