Unleash your imagination

From Scrapbook to Canvas
Intensive Spring & Autumn Workshop
May Full - Next dates from 3rd to 6th of October 2019

This hands on workshop will encourage you to work in innovative ways exploring how to combine images, textures, materials and objects that "talk to you" and engage your imagination to create artworks that "tell a story".

You will explore scrapbooking, collage, assemblage and mixed media painting on paper, on hard surface and on canvas combined with guided creative exercises and embodied explorations to inspire your artistic process. You will bridge hands on art making with  creative writing and the unfolding of your own inner stories.

It is ideal for students who wish to explore their inner world of images and symbols as a starting point for visual creation, storytelling and creative writing.

In this process you will learn or improve your existing skills to:

  • Get in touch with your own conscious and unconscious symbolic language and use it to engage your imagination 
  • Embrace chance, randomness and dreams to tap into unexpected sources of inspiration, creative synchronicity and develop a new visual language.
  • Build up and shape layers with collage, assemblages, painting and other mixed media on paper and canvas using a selection of tools and techniques. You will have your own easel, table and work station
  • Explore spontaneous creative writing and storytelling that will emerge from your creations or inspire them
  • Surrender to the emerging process of art making harnessing unexpected and chance encounters
  • Work with the complementary creative forces of chaos and order, Eros and the creative impulses, de-constructing and re-constructing
  • Learn to dialogue with your inner critic and other inner voices
  • Harvest meaningful insights from your creative process and transfer them into the context of your life

This workshop takes place in my art studio with a  group of only 5 participants. Each participant has a working area with easel, table and floor space in order to create. The program is aimed for adults interested in expressive and surrealist contemporary art making and is designed to be inspiring for skilled artists as well as beginners. All basic art materials are provided, if possible bring a selection of your own images, photos, postcards ... to weave your personal history into your creation. 

Intensive Weekend Autumn 2019 Ibiza Spain
Starts  Thursday 3rd of October from 18h to 20h30
Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of October from 10h to 18h30

Cost with all art materials
(2 canvases 70 x 50 cm, acrylic paints, inspirational images and mix supplies for assemblages, tools)
390 euros
Early bird 350 euros till 30st of August
25 hours of creation space for 5 creators only
Apply early

The Studio

Roseline's art studio has been the cradle of many artistic projects and vibrates with creative energy.

The studio is a 70 m2 luminous space with high ceilings and outdoor  country area perfect for intimate sharing and relating in small group settings. The studio is fully equipped with ample space to provide for all modalities of artistic expression.

Nature is the ultimate artist and endless source of inspiration. The nature of Ibiza is raw, untamed and exquisitely beautiful.

"Roseline bristles with passion and creativity, she infuses you with her deep and natural love for creative expression. She gently guided me on a journey of inquiry to discover my own natural creativity. Her workshop was like ‘hitting the refresh button’ feeling a healthy aliveness so welcome to my body, mind and spirit." Ruth Thomas, Waitress and Druidess, UK


Note that accommodations and meals are not included in the workshop price. There are many options for accommodations near for different budgets.
We recommend the very reasonably priced Hotel Cas Catala in Santa Eulalia del Rio, only 20mn walk from the Art Studio & 4mn by car. Pick up in the morning can be organised.
Vegetarian lunch at the studio on demand. 
Santa Eulalia del Rio is situated on the north east cost of the island, it is a lively port, with beach, restaurants and shops.

Cant join a workshop and needing support to reclaim your artistic expression and boost your creativity from home?

Not free at these dates and urgently needing support with your creative life?

We are happy to collaborate with www.artistravel.eu/en


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