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Santoshi – Tantric Teacher & group leader

I enjoyed Roseline work a lot! The perfect cocktail for a playful and insightful transformative experience, creative and deep. A fantastic way to discover new faces of myself in painting, acting, and creating...Highly recommended!

Annalisa – Gourmet health chef & Artist

My time spent at Roseline’s Studio has been a deep and progressive transformation for me as a woman and as an artist.

Her charismatic personality and her stable inner teacher holding the space for all of us students really enriched my perspectives looking at Art in all forms. Her way of guiding the artistic experiences showed me paths to infinite places where art come from. The non-judgmental language she adopts fosters a real freedom of expression.

“Just Paint ” is my favorite of all workshops. Roseline offers a space where a painter like me feels as if coming “home”, a save place where to express and explore, a space where we all are allowed to be. I feel I know much more about myself since Roseline is in my life.

Emmanuelle -  Cranio Sacral Therapist

Having been on my journey for over 30 years I have tried many modalities to free myself from the layers of inherited beliefs I have carried.

Roseline is a gifted facilitator that holds space beautifully. Her art therapy workshops has taken me to another level of transformation. Through deep and beautiful creative exploration using art, movement and role play, thus enabling me to touch deeper levels of healing and understanding of myself. 

Through artistic exploration I have been able to unlock and free deep emotions  on a much deeper level than I ever have before. The results are profound and transformative.

Lais - Event organiser & BNE therapist (emotional reprogramming)

Roseline was the one who held the torch of my path at a time when I did not have the strength to hold it. She accompanied me, reminding me to look forward with the courage and security that already existed in me, but that I had forgotten. I experienced a journey from the unconscious to the conscious through symbolism, metaphors, art, dances and unforgettable details. I am eternally grateful to you, Roseline, for teaching me to see myself from an new perspective. 

Oscar – Language teacher & translator

An artistic journey, sometimes a difficult one but always meaningful. Never did I master a painting before, I thought of myself as a "brainy" kind of person. Art was not on my list of ways to investigate my spirit. Little did I know I was going to see myself creating Art, performing Theater,  exploring Life with guidance and safety.

I am a different man because of attending Roseline’s workshops., more me, more authentic, more honest.

Jennifer -  Writer 

I am very tough on therapy and on therapists, not because I don’t think it is important and necessary for us all to go through, but because it is only ever as good as the therapist is knowledgeable, open-minded, kind by nature, and has sorted out their own sh*t.

Roseline, through her practice and her workshops, is the person I recommend over and over to people who wish to find out more about themselves and the workings of their subconscious mind, whether through play or therapy.  She has a way of easing you gently into yourself, and making sure that you have something positive to leave with.  

I am looking forward to doing more of her workshops in the future.  They have been invaluable to me.

Faye -  Shamanic Therapist and Energy healer

Roseline's art classes have given me much insight into my sub conscious and allowed me to work with my emotions in an extremely safe and supported environment. I have gained new levels of clarity through self expression and group work.

Roseline creates a fun space to expand, explore and be. A space we can hold up a mirror to the self; one that shows both the light and dark aspects of the self, allowing us to honour and transcend the shadow side.

Every time I take part in her workshops I am blown away by the magic and synchronicity that shows up in art therapy and how art is truly a reflection of life. It is indeed sacred mirror work and so beneficial for mindfulness. I have loved exploring my dreams, finding my voice, building confidence in improvisation and growing new friendships. The time I have spent in Roseline's excellent care has been invaluable.

Rebecca -  Interior Designer 

The Art of Dreaming was a profoundly rich and insightful course. I experienced integration in what was a wildly creative, unconventional yet holistic process. Truly magical.

Fernando – Event producer

Having sessions with Roseline was for me the key to change, the key to be who I am today. She helped me through creative expression to communicate with my inner self and see all its parts, the clear ones and the darker ones.

And that was not all, she also gave me tools that I put into practice every time I need. Life is full of challenges, and thanks to these tools, I am able to successfully face them by myself.

Cornelia – Artist & Food Consultant

Whenever you enter Roseline’s space you feel embraced, in a different world. Her spacious studio, a warehouse from an ancient Ibiza farm, offers you a glance of her own artwork and is a perfect place for a workshop.

I did not know what to expect when I signed up for a class but was surprised with happened to me. Thinking that I had worked with my old patterns many times before, with easiness I went deeper and deeper, revealing and releasing  what was not serving me. I recommend Roseline as a great Artist and Gestalt Art Therapist.

Ian -  Brand Developper 

I was resistant at first as I can not draw to save my life but art therapy was a magical experience.

I have always found traditional therapy somewhat oppressive and contrived. Over time my objective became to “help" the therapist, to “help” them do a good job.
Art as therapy completely alleviated the formality of therapy. How could it not?
The playful nature of art and the presence of art materials allowed me to express previously unspoken thoughts through a medium other than my voice - lessening and depersonalising their effect on me.
The medium of art became a separate entity upon which I could place thoughts, feelings, regrets, hopes and desires in a gentle and safe way.
Whilst art as therapy was an immersive experience it somehow also allowed me to look at my output objectively and from a distance. 
By creating this objectivity the ensuing discussion was less emotionally fraught and less constrained by inhibition. And it was fun. And surprisingly deep!

Sophie -  Artist

I experienced the power of sharing my emotions with others, I realised the journey is more important than the result. 

Thank you Roseline for bringing more light and consciousness in this world.

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