Nature is the primordial art form that awakens aesthetic inspiration and wonder.

In Nature we can experience the “fabric” of life through our full senses and the interconnectedness of all its parts. Nurturing our relationship with nature provides an endless source of balance and artistic inspiration. 

The Art, Nature & Mindfulness holistic retreat combines hikes in nature, meditation & creation: drawing, painting, clay, expressive mouvement, spontaneous art making in nature & in the art studio, art rituals, creative writing, yoga & body awareness.

Nature is the ultimate artist and the nature of Ibiza is raw, untamed and exquisitely beautiful. Guided by Roseline, participants will explore hidden parts of this historic Mediterranean island to discover its pristine nature, clear waters, inspiring light and magical landscapes.

The program is aimed for adults interested in art, creativity, mindfulness & communion with nature. Creation times are designed to be inspiring for artists and non artists alike, no special skills or experience are needed. Hikes are usually between 1h and 2h.

The Studio

Roseline's art studio has been the cradle of many artistic projects and vibrates with creative energy.

The studio is a 70 m2 luminous space with high ceilings and an outdoor country area, perfect for intimate sharing and relating in small group settings. It is fully equipped with ample space to provide for all modalities of artistic expression.

Next dates 2019 coming out soon!


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