Deep Dive Creative Workshops
for Retreats, Festivals and Self Development Centres  

The Deep Dive workshops program offers life changing creative experiences bridging artistic expression with powerful therapeutic transformation.

Create, discover, reveal, integrate, innovate, love and heal using a holistic range of artistic disciplines /dance, movements, visual art, voice, improvisation, creative writing/ in a simple and accessible way regardless of  skills or experience.

The deep dive workshops focus on 3 core therapeutic themes to address a spectrum of transformational possibilities:

  • Dream wisdom & creative Inspiration
  • Light & shadow: polarities in art & life
  • Self portrait: self Love & family legacy

The program is aimed for adults interested in art, creativity, consciousness and self development. Workshops can be tailored to groups' specifics.

Dream wisdom & creative inspiration

Discover the hidden layers of your dream world.

This workshop combines powerful tools such as Jungian symbolism and archetypes, Gestalt & constellation dream work, Shamanistic journeying and Expressive Arts.

Participants will be guided to unveil the meanings of your dreams, understand and release deep unconscious tensions, tap into the wisdom and creative potentials of their dream world. 

Participants must remember their dreams and be interested to explore the bridges between conscious and unconscious, personal and trans-personal using the arts as the language of the soul.

Keeping a dream journal in the months prior to the workshop is needed, no other special skills or experience required.

Duration: 4 days - 8 to 15 participants 

Light & shadow

Explore the play of polarities in art & in life

The movement of opposites is implicit in all creation, life is an active and constant movement between polarities. 

In this workshop participants will explore the inner and outer play of light and shadow using expressive movement and spontaneous art making - painting & masks - drama, improvisation and art ritual.

We are often polarized in our behaviors and limited in our responses by conditioning and projections. This journey will awaken awareness and shift perspective on personal blind spots, projections, introjections, shadow parts and behaviour patterns.

Participants will be guided to act out and integrate these parts to extend their concept of self and stretch towards wholeness.

Duration: 4 days - 8 to 15 participants 

Self portrait

Self love and family legacy

Our ability to love depends on how much we can accept ourselves and our family legacy.

This workshop combines painting self-portraits and family portraits with family constellation exercises to understand, heal and integrate our personal history and the heritage of our lineage.

Participants must be ready for a profound personal journey towards healing, self love and integrity using the power of the arts.

Duration: 4 days - 8 to 15 participants


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