ART BASED creation course & support group for conscious creators

The Virtual Live Art laboratory is an online course and platform for experienced or aspiring creators. Artists, designers, coaches, therapists, group leaders and creators from all fields are coming together because they believe the arts have a role to play in their personal and professional life.

We draw from the principles of Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts and Art Based Research to anchor, inspire, refresh and renew our art practice. Artistic expression and the creative process become an experiential laboratory to explore, observe, research and discover, while engaging the imagination and cultivating awareness.

This ART BASED creative process weaves theoretical teaching together with inspirational live interdisciplinary artistic exercises, art assignments, mindfulness tools and group dynamic to support everyone’s creative process.

This course is for you if ...

  • You are an experienced or aspiring artist/creator and you wish to refresh, inspire, extend or anchor your art practice 
  • You are an artist, a designer, a coach, a therapist, a teacher, a project leader, a social worker, and you wish to use the expressive arts in your professional setting
  • You have a creative/artistic project and you need support to bring it to manifestation in a conscious holistic way
  • You want to make artistic expression & conscious creativity active parts of your life and your decisions making
  • You wish to bring your professional life to an other level or an other form and you intuitively know that art should be a guiding force
  • You are committed to experience and share the transformative power of the arts and how they can foster holistic consciousness

Also if you need support to ...

  • Communicate about your self/work/project
  • Make your art public
  • Bring your artistic expression to an other level
  • Honour your creative call 
  • Re-frame or reinvent your personal / professional life

During this process you will learn or improve your skills to ...

Cultivate the artist attitude and use your art practice as a research Lab

  • Bridging body heart mind & soul awareness
  • Presencing, deep seeing and listening
  • Letting go of assumptions, pre-conceived ideas, evaluation & judgements
  • Developing an attitude of inquiry and open curiosity
  • Sensitizing to art expression & artistic modalities
  • Using aesthetic analysis & creative journaling to guide your artistic process

Hoard your attractors and define your creative frame

  • Following your attractors and what is alive in you to guide your creative process
  • Working with space, time and limitations
  • Clarifying your subject, theme and intention/direction
  • Sensitizing to visual language & symbolic language

Embrace your creative process

  • Experiencing the creative forces of flow & structure, chaos & order, intention & accident, details & overall composition
  • Navigating the unexpected and the not knowing
  • Fostering synchronicity 
  • Meeting the mystery of the Third or the magic that may take place between yourself and your artwork
  • Building up your own artistic vocabulary and skills
  • Becoming aware of the subtle balance between repetitions & variations, empty & full, busy & quiet, form & no form, finished & unfinished
  • Dialoguing with your art & your inner critic

Break through blockages and dead-end situations

  • Extending your range of play and allowing take 2
  • Engaging your imagination, discovering new links to foster emergence and innovation
  • Transforming accidents, mistakes, challenges, randomness into opportunities for new
  • Transferring to other art modalities/disciplines to uncover hidden layers within your work
  • De-centering and shifting perspective
  • De-constructing & re-constructing
  • Changing your gestalt or perception of your work
  • Using the mirror of the other

Communicate and present your artwork/project

  • Deepening your phenomenological observation - extended consciousness - of your creative process
  • Using different art modalities to extend your means of communication about the work
  • Becoming familiar with the practice of aesthetic analysis
  • Using creative writing as a starting point to develop content texts
  • Embracing full aesthetic responsibility for your work
  • Harvesting meaningful insights and transfer them to your life or or to professional projects.

Collaborate with others and grow

  • Using group dynamic, phenomenological mirroring, aesthetic response, creative exchange, and human connections.

How does it work?

This course is aimed for committed participants wishing to engage in their creative process.
Every 2 weeks during 3 months we meet online for a 3h Live Art Lab group session on Zoom. Each Lab includes:

  • Active visualisations and sensitising explorations
  • Live art making laboratory with guided exploration we all experience together. The group art labs serve as seeds to develop further art works between labs.
  • Creative sharing & witnessing
  • Q & A and feedback to support your creative process

Between live group sessions

  • Inspirational art assignments to develop your own art works between sessions.
  • Videos teaching to support your creative process and art making.
  • Video tutorials to help you use simple digital tools and apps to document your work and create.
  • Engagement in the platform of our facebook group to share your creations and draw from the group support, knowledge and feedback. 
  • Personal feedback from Roseline on the art works you will be posting.
  • Online Zoom meeting in pairs and triads with other participants to share and support each other’s creative process. 
  • To get your creative process going you will need to invest a minimum of 4 to 5 hours per week. That includes creation time for your art assignments, documenting & presenting your work as posts, engaging with other participants in creative conversations on group platform and on zoom.
  • During this 3 months journey you will develop a body of art works that you will present at the end  in the form of a short slideshow or video.
  • You will also be able to receive private 1-1 online coaching sessions with Roseline to deepen your process and support from Mischa (Multi Media Artist) to develop your digital creative skills.

What is needed?
A basic range of art materials (List below) and your commitment to embrace the adventure.

Click here to see the list of basic art materials you will need
  • 15 sheets of white paper + 2 sheets of black paper 200g or/and 250g  - size around 50 x70cm or 19 x 27 inches. This will serve as a base to draw, paint,  & collage. The size doesn’t need to be exact as each country has different standards. 250g is better for paint while 200g is better for collages, so if you can get half of each.
  • Some sheets of A4 (and eventually larger) colour paper of your choice. Choose at least 3 or 4 colours you like.
  • A range of coloured pastels either oil, and/or dry, and/or watercolour
  • Your favourite pencils, crayons, markers or felt tip pens
  • Your creative journal, format of your choice
  • A range of basic acrylic paints
  • A basic set of watercolours
  • Tools: brushes (thin to large at least 3 sizes), sponge, spatulas
  • Scissors and cutter
  • 500 ml white glue + sticker glue
  • Some sheets of thin colour tissue paper
  • Some plasticine (polymer clay) white or coloured - or natural clay - 500 gr or 1kg
  • A neutral white mask in cardboard
  • A box of images, wrapping paper, recycling bits, objects, old toys, bits of fabric …
  • Some meters of string, a basic sawing kit
  • A roll of paper tape
  • A cork board + pins (optional)
  • A small tripod for your phone/camera (optional)
  • Any thing that draw your attention as something that could be used in your art.
  • Anything else that you have from your own studio and art supply stash
  • There will be soon a video to inspire you with art materials

How much does it cost?

260 euros for 3 months creative journey including

7 Live Art Laboratory sessions of 3h on Zoom
Art assignments
Videos keynotes teaching to support your creative process and art making
Tutorials to use digital tools
6 Small groups support sessions of 1h
Follow up and support of your personal process through Facebook group platform
Links to inspirational art documentaries
Spotify music playlists from each Lab

330 euros for 3 months creative journey with all the above + 1 private coaching session with Roseline (1h) + 1 private digital support tutorial with Mischa (20mn)

You will be able to add some extra private creative coaching sessions or tailored digital support as you go.
Click here to visit Mischa website and discover her digital art

When are the group Zoom sessions?

The next VIRTUAL ART LAB will start in March 2022
The new program will soon be published before opening the registration.
 As previous years the group will be limited to 18 participants including 4 

When paying 260/330 euros you will help finance scholarships for applicants with economical limitations. To receive a scholarship applicants will need to address me an email sharing their motivations and commitment to the work, upon selection they will receive a 50% discount on their tuition. In exchange scholarship participants will offer some of their time to perform some work/study tasks during the course.

Click here to read participants testimonials

"The Art LAB helped me explore and advance my creativity with greater confidence across a range of disciplines. I am very much a novice artist even if I have developed an artistic sensibility as a classical pianist and through pottering in different media over the years.  The experience of moving across visual arts media and learning how to engage with playfulness and curiosity while also cultivating my technical skills and my identity as an artist, was uniquely liberating and nourishing.  I experienced a sense of freedom that was totally enlivening and stays with me now.  I feel more courageous about experimenting and expressing myself. And I am better at sensing the pulse of what’s truly timely and ready to manifest." Jason from USA - Mediator & Mediation Teacher

"The art assignments allowed for amazing transformation for me. Yes, they were intense, lots of work, but I wouldn't want it any other way. It was all this hard work that allowed for deep, thoughtful, meaningful work. I worked really intensely for 3 months, mostly on your class. What emerged for me felt like a year's worth of experience and unexpected, immense forward movement." Cristina from USA  - Web designer & artist

"The Art Lab experience with Roseline was a wonderful 3 months process, a journey of exploration and discovery, creative and personal. Roseline's personality drive and commitment make the course flow and happen for everyone. She is also a compassionate woman, this comes through in her interactions, there is a caring supporting nature that holds the group and at the same time drives them forward." Satty from Netherlands - Yoga teacher & artist

"The lab experience was a great gift! It helped me to move through the darkness and refresh my creativity in an embodied way finding new tools and company to move along through the difficult months of the COVID pandemia.
It was wonderful to share with you and so many other artists from different parts of the world. It seemed magical, that in the midst of so much pain and restrictions going on worldwide, we could share such an enlivening, creative and inspiring experience to go on creating, learning and responding to our deep selves and to the world´s need….In EXA terms, we could say that your lab promoted POIESIS at its best. Thank you very much, Roseline!". Pilar from Peru - Expressive art teacher, art therapist & artist

"It was inspiring and enriching to have the opportunity to be part of your workshop. It gave me a frame to research and step into the world of visual arts with its many possibilities. I loved to experiment with colours and get to know  different art materials, to learn how to work on a piece over a period of time and develop it, working with collage gathering images which spoke to me and see what would enfold out of it. The teaching about art and the documentaries were very inspiring and gave me new insights." Sandra from Spain - Dancer and dance retreat facilitator

"This Art Lab came at just the right moment for me, during the Covid quarantine and in a moment of processing the passing of my father. It felt like a moment to reconnect to my inner creativity and find release and flow of emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed Roseline’s methods of deconstruction and harvesting our work. I made discoveries and surprised myself in the process of letting go of expectations. I loved how we started each session with meditation and connection to our body, mind and soul. The incorporation of movement also helped to loosen up and work with freedom. This lab has pushed all the buttons and set me off on my art journey again. I feel a lot of inspiration. Thank you Roseline!" Mischa from Spain - Visual artist & musician

"The diversity of the participants and the new connections I have developed through the course have been extremely enriching.  Roseline, your ability to be present and to witness everyone in a meaningful way is inspiring.
While taking the class I was kayaking down a river and reached a small area of faster moving water, which was also shallow. I was worried I might hit bottom and get stuck there. I could feel my body tense up and brace itself. I then remembered that the water will flow where there is least resistance so I took a deep breath, let go, lifted my paddle out of the water, and just allowed the faster flowing water to guide me and my kayak down the river. That is what your class has helped me learn, not to resist the bumpy parts, let go, and trust that I will make it to the other side. As a consequence I have started a new series of paintings that I am feel are some of the best I have made. Thank you."  Sylvia from USA - Psychiatrist & artist

"In Roseline's workshops I was able to let go of my pre-conceived ideas and limitations to create meaningful and valuable art works I would have never imagine I was capable of" Oscar from Spain - Language teacher

 "What is the Virtual Live Art Lab?" Watch my Youtube/Instagram video to get the info live!

Watch a video presenting participants' final artworks from the LAB 2020

Professionals interested in completing the Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts Accredited Training Certificate with the European Graduate School please contact me.

Needing hands-on art making 

Needing 1-1 online creative coaching 


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