An ART BASED experimental online course and a creative support group for conscious creators

The Virtual Live Art laboratory is an artistic and creative journey for experienced and aspiring creators. Artists, designers, coaches, group leaders and creators from all fields come together because they believe the arts have a role to play to support their projects as conscious creators.

In this course we draw from the principles of Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts and Art Based Research to transform our artistic expression and art practice into a laboratory to explore, research, observe, inspire & develop our professional or personal projects.

This ART BASED online course/platform weaves theoretical teaching together with inspirational live artistic exercises, art assignments, mindfulness tools and group dynamic to consciously support everyone’s creative process.

This course is for you if ...

  •  You are an artist, a creator, a coach, a therapist, a teacher, a retreat leader, a social worker, and you wish to use the expressive arts in your professional setting
  • You are an artist or a creator and you wish to refresh, renew or extend your art practice 
  • You have a creative/artistic project and you need support to bring it to manifestation in a conscious  holistic way
  • You want to learn tools to make artistic expression & conscious creativity active parts of your life and your decisions making
  • You wish to bring your professional life to an other level or an other form and you intuitively know that art should be a guiding force
  • You are committed to experience and share the transformative power of the arts and how they can foster holistic consciousness

Also if you need support to ...

  • Communicate about your self/work/project
  • Exhibit or make public your art
  • Bring your artistic expression to an other level
  • Re-frame or reinvent your professional life
  • Honour your creative call 

During this process you will learn or improve your skills to ...

Cultivate the artist attitude and use your art practice as a research Lab

  • Bridging body heart mind & soul awareness
  • Presencing, deeply seeing and listening
  • Bracketing our assumptions
  • Developing an attitude of inquiry and open curiosity
  • Sensitizing to art materials and artistic modalities
  • Becoming familiar with the concept of Art Analogue

Define your creative frame

  • Clarifying your intentions, subject or theme
  • Working with time, space, rhythm and the creative forces of freedom & structure, chaos & order, imagination & composition 
  • Sensitizing to visual language & symbolic language

Embrace your creative process

  • Following attractors and what is alive in you
  • Working with stillness, movement & change
  • Navigating the unexpected and the not knowing
  • Transforming mistakes and challenges into opportunities
  • Fostering emergence and innovation
  • Meeting the Third  or the space in between 

Break through blockages and dead-end situations

  • Transferring to an other art modalities
  • De-centering and shifting perspective
  • De-constructing & re-constructing
  • Extending your range of play
  • Conversing with your inner critic
  • Using the mirror of the other

Communicate and present your artwork/project

  • Deepening your phenomenological observation - extended consciousness - of your creative process
  • Harvesting meaningful insights and transfer them to your life or project
  • Using different art modalities to extend your means of communication about the work
  • Becoming familiar with the practice of aesthetic analysis
  • Using creative writing as a starting point to develop content texts
  • Developing aesthetic responsibility

Collaborate with others and grow

  • Using group dynamic, phenomenological mirroring, aesthetic response, creative exchange, and human connections.

How does it work?

Every 2 weeks during 3 months we meet online for a 3h Live Art Lab group session on Zoom with

  • Active visualizations and sensitizing explorations 
  • Creative sharing & witnessing
  • Teaching and Q & A on expressive arts principles & art based research
  • Art making live laboratory with guided exercises
  • Inspirational art assignments to work on between sessions 

Between live group sessions

  • You will use the platform of our facebook group to share your creations and draw from the group support, knowledge and feedback. You will receive personal feedback from Roseline on the art works you will be posting.
  • You will team up with other participants and support each other’s creative process with a weekly online meeting in pairs and triads.
  • The minimum weekly workload to get your creative process going should be around 3 to 4 hours. Part of it being art assignments and part directly connected to your own project.
  • You will also be able to add some private 1-1 online sessions with Roseline I you wish to deepen your process.

What is needed?
A basic range of art materials (List below) and your commitment to embrace the adventure.

Click here to see the list of basic art materials you will need
  • 15 large sheets of white paper 200g or/and 250g  - size around 50 x70cm or  19 x 27 inches. This will serve as a base to draw, paint,  & collage. The size doesn’t need to be exact as each country has different standards. 250g is better for paint while 200g is better for collages, so if you can get half of each.
  • Some sheets of A4 (and eventually larger) colour paper of your choice. Choose what you like.
  • A range of coloured pastels either oil, and/or dry, and/or watercolour
  • Your favourite pencils, crayons, markers or felt tip pens
  • Your creative journal, format of your choice
  • A range of basic acrylic paints
  • A basic set of watercolours
  • Tools brushes (thin to large possibility at least 3 sizes), sponge, spatulas
  • Scissors and cutter
  • 500 ml white glue and sticker glue
  • Some sheets of thin colour tissue paper
  • A neutral white mask in paper or cardboard
  • A box of images, wrapping paper, recycling bits, objects, old toys, bits of fabric …
  • Some meters of string, a basic sawing kit
  • A roll of paper tape
  • Any thing that draw your attention as something that could be used in your art.
  • Anything else that you have from your own studio and art supply stash.

When are the group Zoom sessions?

Registration is closed for the May-June-July 2020 LAB happening now 
Contact me below for information on the next LAB

How much does it cost?

250 euros for 3 months creative journey including
7 Live Art Laboratory sessions of 3h on Zoom
Videos with keynotes teaching to support your creative process
6 Small groups support sessions of 1h
Weekly art assignments
Follow up and support of your personal process through Facebook group platform

When paying 250 euros you will help finance scholarships for applicants with economical limitations. To receive a scholarship applicants will need to address me a letter sharing their motivations and commitment to the work, upon selection they will  be able to donate just what they can afford to participate. In exchange scholarship participants will offer some of their time to perform some extra work/study tasks during the course.

Check participants' final artworks from the last LAB 

For professionals interested in completing the Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts Accredited Training Certificate

This online module is designed to be part of the full certificate that I will be teaching in collaboration with other professionals.
Equivalent to Module K for Master degree in Expressive arts therapy, coaching & social changes or to Certificate of Advanced Studies in Expressive Arts  - both as accredited by the European Graduate School Switzerland

Presence 160 hours - Self Study 320 hours 

The full program will be structured in this way:

  • Online Module 
    Live Art Lab (this module) - 32h
  • Studio Module 1 
    Expressive Painting, Music & Movement - Ibiza 32h 
  • Studio Module 2
    Mix Media, Installation & Creative Writing - Ibiza 32h
  • Studio Module 3
    Digital Visual Art & Music - Berlin 32h (with Institute Step Ahead)
  • Studio Module 4
    Voice, Theatre, Performance & Presentation of Artistic Project - Ibiza 32h

"Artistic sessions with Roseline have brought a deep transformation in my life as a woman and as an artist. Her charismatic personality holds space for her students, while her teaching truly enriched my perspectives looking at Art in all its forms.  The artistic experiences guided me into infinite creative possibilities and her non-judgmental approach fostered a real freedom of expression."
Annalisa Rinaldi, Gourmet Chef & Artist, Spain