One to One sessions in Roseline's studio:

Explore new artistic territories, uplift your vitality and tap into a well of creative resources.

Creative Coaching and/or Art Therapy tailored to your needs - for Aspiring and Experienced Creators

Art making allows us to play, explore, express and transform. Within the creative act we find fresh personal insights, access unknown resources and initiate behavioural breakthroughs. When we activate the genius of our innate creativity we can apply it to every aspects of our life.

Individual sessions in my studio are specifically tailored to your needs combining embodiments and expressive movement with visual arts (mixed media, painting, collage, clay, object making and object arranging) art rituals and creative writing to help you reconnect to your natural creative intelligence. 

Creative Coaching sessions will give you the self confidence to reclaim your artistic potentials and boost your creativity to create meaningful art that will energise your life. 

Art therapy offers a safe space to address personal issues and transform difficulties into opportunity for growth. Artistic expression gives powerful non verbal ways to express the raw energy of emotion and see truths that are otherwise invisible.

Wether you are in Ibiza for a few days and wish to apply for an intensive one to one art retreat, you are a resident and would like regular sessions, or you feel your child would benefit from play therapy, explore in more details the options below:

Intensive Retreat

Daily sessions over a one week period in Roseline's studio

Individual Sessions

Creative Coaching & Art therapy in Roseline's studio

Children & Teens

Play Therapy, Self-regulation and Creativity in Roseline's studio

Interested to experience the transformative creative dynamic of group workshops?

Connecting with other like-minded aspiring or experienced artists is an irreplaceable well of creativity and inspiration. Group sessions build deep and unforgettable human relationships, they enhance our awareness of how we see the world and how the world sees us.

Get the creative support you need where ever you are: