Arcana/ noun: secrets or mysteries that the alchemists sought to discover.

Creative alchemy & mindful art practices for aspiring and experienced artists

In this series of articles I share many years of experience as a multi media artist, creativity coach & mentor, expressive art teacher & art therapist, light & consciousness explorer.

The Wonder of Starting a Painting

I have just been facilitating again this month my workshop JUST PAINT and I want to share some inspiration for you to experience with.

There is so much joy and pleasure in expressive painting, so much possible exploration and discovery. While I am working a lot with digital tools as an artist I found painting one of the most natural and resourcing artistic practice to get in touch with my inner creator. When I invite my observer in the experience I get a direct mirror of my inner landscape, my emotions, my patterns, habits, impulses, and thoughts.

Now could there be anything more daunting and exciting than contemplating a blank canvas when you are about to start painting?

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Art & Mindfulness Evolutionary Tools for the 21st Century?

Imagine if artistic expression could be reclaimed as everyone’s birthright to give us new ways to adapt and evolve in the 21st century! Could art & mindfulness help us find new answers to the challenges of our time?

As we try to maximize control, results and efficiency, the level of complexity, incertitude and unpredictability is increasing as fast as the speed of change. As if the more we are trying to control the world, the more our own creations might get out of control!

How can we adapt to extreme changes? Is creativity an answer?

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Where does your art come from?

We humans have found natural joy in dancing, acting, painting, sculpting, singing and making music since the dawn of our civilization. We have engaged in art infused rituals to celebrate the cycles of life, conjure healing and pray to the Gods. 

When wanting to awaken the artist within we need to come back to the essence of art, which is our natural human response to beauty, mystery and the aesthetic dimension of life. This exhilarating connection is our well of vitality, meaning and inspiration. The way of the mindful artist resides in the cultivation of an embodied and curious presence to life that opens a direct connection to the universal creative source.

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